For over a decade we have informed our fellow citizens that "the military" is really our deployed neighbors – those among us who have stepped up to take their turn protecting all of us.  It is not a separate thing or outside force.  It is us, comprised of us, serving us.  Of the people, by the people, for the people.   It is a necessary component of our society, along with those among us who feed us, care for our health, build and operate our infrastructure, and other core social functions.

SOT Media's productions and writings are all directed to:

  • The people and principles at play in their decisions.  The reasons and the character involved.
  • Reducing the awareness gap between the military and the public it serves by showing that the military is simply our neighbors who signed up to protect the rest of us, and by not allowing it to be portrayed as some sort of outside force.
  • Bridging the gap between the military and civilians.
  • Educating Americans about their military.
  • Fostering public awareness and understanding of Department of Defense missions, personnel, facilities, equipment and programs.
  • Reducing America's disconnect with its military.
  • Showing the military's relevance to American's everyday lives.
  • Showing how innovative the military is.
  • Showing how the military is a force for good.
  • Highlighting the lives of those who serve.
  • Clarifying undue prejudice and anti-military bias from other civilian media.


To accomplish this:

  • We cover military events.  We produce video programming.  We publish writings.
  • We disseminate all of same. 
  • We are developing a focus on dissemination to youth.

For DoD current news on the problem SOT Media is addressing see: